Gray Thursday: List of Retailers Opening on Thanksgiving Will Grow

Gray ThursdayLike many things in our culture , change often comes about gradually especially when it comes to the time honored traditions like Black Friday Shopping. As more stores are added to the list of retailers that will open on Thanksgiving, we wondered when or if it will stop.

Will Black Friday become a thing of the past? Will Gray Thursday take its place as the traditional start for the Christmas shopping season? Retailers claim they are only giving consumers what they want. That may be the case for some but not for all.

An employees advocate group on Facebook calls for consumers to Boycott Shopping on Thanksgiving Day boasting over 2000 “likes” claiming employees have been threatened with job loss for failing to show for work on Thanksgiving Day. The solution they claim is not to shop and retailers will change their way.

Petitions are seemingly everywhere in support of not opening on Thanksgiving Day.

At the end of the day it is about money and retailers aren’t likely to give up on an opportunity to separate you from the money in your wallet.

For me I’ll miss the turkey coma’s, football and family on Thanksgiving Day

List of Retailers Open on Thanksgiving Day

Sears - all stores open by 8pm on Thanksgiving night.

K-Mart - all stores open 6am on Thanksgiving, and stay open straight through close of business at 11pm on Black Friday.

Macy’s - all stores open by 8pm on Thanksgiving night

Toy R Us - open by 5pm on Thanksgiving, with some ‘Black Friday’ doorbusters only being offered until 9pm Thanksgiving night.

CVS - Traditionally open regular hours on Thanksgiving, and the Black Friday freebies are usually also available beginning that day.

Walgreens - Black Friday freebies and deals go live at 12:01 am on Thanksgiving.

JCPenney - all stores open by 8pm on Thanksgiving night with JCPenney Snow Globes back for 2013

Belk - all stores open by 8pm on Thursday, November 28

Office Max -opening by 8pm on Thanksgiving night.

Walmart - most stores stay open on Thanksgiving for last-minute shopping needs

Target – will open Thanksgiving night.

For the most part retailers are opening late in the evening, but expect that to change going forward, remember changes like these are gradual.



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    I wrote about this yesterday as well. I’m just disgusted by it. It’s bad enough that the retailers are opening stores on Thanksgiving, but they wouldn’t be doing so if they didn’t see an opportunity for profit. People need to get their priorities straight.


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