iPhone 5S Unlock Status: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint

The Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C release has kept everyone guessing regarding the phone’s carrier lock-in status and if you are one of those people still deciding which wireless carrier is best for you, the info that follows below may well be the last piece of advice you have been looking for.

It is no secret that the new iPhone 5S is the top-notch internationally compatible phone that works with Nano-SIM cards of most GSM carriers worldwide. It is truly an international iPhone – finally!

This means that if you travel abroad, you will have a big choice of local networks to use your new iPhone with by simply switching SIM cards. But for that to happen, your iPhone has to be factory unlocked. Keys2iPhone – leading iPhone factory unlocking service – has the news. So, which U.S. carriers support easy unlocking for international and domestic use?

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Verizon’s iPhone 5S is sold unlocked out of the box. Even if you are on contract, your iPhone 5S is SIM-unlocked – not only for international use but also for domestic use on GSM networks, like T-Mobile or AT&T. Per FCC regulations, Verizon had to leave the iPhone 5′s SIM slot unlocked last year. It seems the same applies to the new iPhone 5S.

So, there is no need for you to contact Verizon and request an unlocking code. Simply put in a SIM card of any GSM provider when you travel and enjoy cheaper voice and data. You won’t be able to use Verizon’s iPhone 5S on CDMA networks though.

If you buy an AT&T’s iPhone 5S, its GSM slot is locked and an unlocking request has to be submitted in order to get it unlocked for international use. According to Keys2iPhone, AT&T’s unlocking policy allows customers to have their handsets unlocked after meeting a few simple conditions.

Sprint’s iPhone 5S is locked and unlocking it will require a lot of time and effort of your part, so be aware of their policies because you may experience some grief once you buy your iPhone 5S from Sprint.

Now which carrier is best for you? Depending on your city of residence, you may want to explore your options further by looking at the carrier’s data networks. AT&T has the fastest 4G LTE network but not in every town. Verizon’s is the largest and Sprint may not be your best bet in most locations.

Now, T-Mobile has good data speeds throughout the U.S. but they do not sell iPhone 5S yet, you will need to get an unlocked iPhone 5S at full price at an Apple’s official location or online and then bring it to T-Mobile.

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